Picking your Perfect Program of Study

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Written by Ann Lambert

Edited by Farah Farhat

There is no doubt that picking a program of study for post-secondary can be incredibly daunting. Not everybody knows what their educational calling is right away, and that is totally okay. Remember: your program can change if you don’t like it, and there are plenty of useful resources to consult and things to consider when making your decision. If you feel like you’re having a full-on crisis over not being able to pick a major, or you simply want to feel more confident in your decision, here are my tips for choosing the very best program for YOU in the pursuit of your post-secondary career.

Arts, or Science?

The very first thing to think about is whether you are more of an art or a science person. Now, “arts” does not simply mean visual/performing arts, and science does not simply refer to biology/chemistry/physics. In the context of university programs, “arts” usually refers to all humanities, fine arts, and languages/literature, while “science” refers to all science and math-related programs (i.e. engineering, nursing, statistics, data science, etc.).

So, which did you prefer in grades 9/10, English and history, or science and math? To get more particular, do you prefer disciplines with subjective answers to the big questions, which tend to entail some creativity and critical thinking? Or do you prefer subjects with objective solutions that require you to use calculations, measurements, and observations in your work? If you prefer the former, you’re probably more of an arts person. If the latter is more appealing to you, you’re likely more drawn to the science side of academics. It’s okay to prefer one, and it’s certainly not abnormal to be better at one than the other. If you enjoy both, a happy middle could be found in social sciences (for example, think of psychology or economics).

Here’s why I’m bringing this up: if you absolutely can’t pict