MHF4U: Advanced Functions

This course is centered around developing a deeper understanding of several different functions that become increasingly complex. From handling different types of polynomial equations to solving trigonometric identities, we offer a full set of videos that will help you understand these concepts better. 

Textbook: Nelson Advanced Functions

Video Length: Under 20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Functions: Characteristics and properties

2. Functions: Understanding Rates of Change

3. Polynomial Functions

4. Characteristics of Polynomial Functions in Factored Form

5. Rational Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

6. Trigonometric Functions

7. Trigonometric Identities and Equations

8. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

9. Combination of Functions

Oishee Ghosh

McMaster University

Arts and Science program-

Biology and Statistics

Course Instructor:

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