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SBI4U: Grade 12 Biology

This course will provide students with a biochemical focus on various metabolic processes and how the body functions. The topics will range from exploring different groups of macromolecules to understanding the nervous system in more detail. 

Textbook: Nelson Biology 12

Video Length: Under 20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Biochemistry

2. Metabolic Processes

3. Molecular Genetics

4. Homeostasis

5. Population Dynamics

Ragav Chona

University of Ottawa

Biomedical Science

Hey guys! I’m currently the course instructor manager as well as the course instructor for all biology courses! I joined PM because I feel like it is important to provide everyone with free, quality education. I also like WOW butter because I’m allergic to peanuts :) Happy learning!

Course Instructor:
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