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MCV4U: Calculus and Vectors

This course is split into two sections. The first section, calculus, will equip students with the ability to derive any equations using various techniques. The second section, vectors, explores quantities that have a direction component and will also cover more advanced topics such as 3-D planes and equations. 

Textbook: Nelson Calculus and Vectors

Video Length: 10-20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to Calculus

2. Derivatives

3. Derivatives and their Applications

4. Curve Sketching

5. Derivatives of Exponential and Trigonometric Functions

6. An Introduction to Vectors

7. Application of Vectors

8. Equations of Lines and Planes

9. Relationships between Points, Lines, and Planes

Zeynep Cildir

University of Ottawa

Biomedical Science

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been tutoring in subjects such as math, biology, and other sciences. While building up this course I wanted to use it as if I am tutoring and not lecturing. Besides academics, I love volleyball and music along with philosophy, which I got interested in gr 11 and decided to take a course in gr 12 to be more exposed!

Course Instructor:
Elif Cildir

Carleton University

Aerospace Engineering

Coming soon

Course Instructor:
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