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SCH4U: Grade 12 Chemistry

This course continues to build on the chemistry learned in previous years while exposing students to new topics such as organic chemistry and chemical equilibrium. This course introduces more equations that aid in our understanding of various chemical processes and explains more theory related to molecular behaviour.

Textbook: Nelson Chemistry 12

Video Length: Around 20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Organic Chemistry

2. Structure and Properties of Matter

3. Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction

4. Chemical Systems and Equilibrium

5. Electrochemistry

Melanie Kirkby

University of Ottawa

Biochemistry - Microbiology and Immunology Option

I was born in Toronto but I've spent most of my life growing up in Ottawa. My favourite subjects have got to be Biology and Chemistry. Besides that, I've been a math and science tutor for the last four years. Fun fact about me: I can say the alphabet backward in about three seconds.

Course Instructor:
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