SPH4U: Grade 12 Physics

This course is centered around explaining how the world and universe behave from two electrons to two planets. The content here will expand on previous physics concepts while also exploring new topics such as gravitational fields. It will also explain the purpose and theory of many different equations.

Textbook: Nelson Physics 12

Video Length: 10-20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Dynamics

2. Energy and Momentum

3. Gravitational, Electric, and Magnetic Fields

4. Wave Nature of Light

5. Revolutions in Modern Physics

Note: The outline for this course has slightly changed. Instead of a review video for every unit, review sheets will be posted instead that contains a variety of test questions and solutions.

Sandra Fang

University of Ottawa

Biomedical Science

I was born and raised in Ottawa! I’m passionate about all the sciences, but if I had to choose my favourite, it would have to be Biology. Some of my hobbies include sports, painting, playing piano, and volunteering in the community!

Course Instructor:
Yousef Yassin

Carleton University

Systems Engineering

Hey there! I was born and raised in Ottawa. I've had great experience tutoring throughout high school, hence deciding to become course instructor at PM. I'm currently interested in AI and robotics and also enjoy playing soccer or tennis in my free time!

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