MCR3U: Functions

This course will expand upon the quadratic equations we've previously learned and introduce several new functions to students as well. This course will examine discrete and continuous functions, as well as apply these concepts to real-world applications. The knowledge gained here will be fundamental to many future courses.

Textbook: Nelson Functions 11

Video Length: 10-20 minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to Functions

2. Equivalent Algebraic Expressions

3. Quadratic Functions

4. Exponential Functions

5. Trigonometric Ratios

6. Sinusoidal Functions

7. Discrete Functions - Sequence & Series

8. Discrete Functions - Financial Applications

Inara Rattani

McMaster University

Honours Life Sciences, minor in Psychology

Course Instructors:
Daniel Hernandez

McMaster University

Mechatronics Engineering CO-OP

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