Pursuing your Passions: Why your “Unemployable” Degree is NOT a Waste

Written by: Ann Lambert

“Go into STEM,” my uncle, a computer science major, once said to me. “That’s where the jobs are.”

He probably had a point, but something about the way I personally dreaded every last grade 11 biology class made the idea of pursuing anything science-related extremely unappealing to me. I knew it very quickly that STEM wasn’t for me, but comments like that can surely be upsetting. Is a high paying job really the only thing that matters?

The short answer: no, it isn’t.

If you’ve ever told someone what you planned on pursuing in university, and their first response was:

  • “Good luck making a stable living with that”

  • “Have fun waiting tables”

  • “The job market isn’t looking good for that one”