University- but Make It Abroad

By: Rory Sullivan

Picture this. It’s exam season, and you’re completely stressed out. You take a break from your textbook because words are starting to lose all meaning. You look out your window, and see… the Eiffel Tower? Maybe Big Ben? If you study abroad, there are endless possibilities! Life is short, and once we graduate from university and enter the workforce, our time to travel and experience different places will be significantly shortened. Why not take advantage of the opportunities available to us in order to live our academic career, and our young lives, to the fullest? Here are some benefits of studying abroad!

  1. Work on your Language Skills!

This is a great reason to study abroad. Being fully immersed in the culture is one of the most effective ways of learning a language, and by studying and living in a different country, students are able to pick up the language a lot faster than usual. If you were to choose a country that has a language you are familiar with, it can also make you feel more comfortable studying there when you already have a basic knowledge of the language. For students who are hoping to hone their French skills, which is an important skill if you want to work for the government or in a French-leaning city like Ottawa, a placement in France is especially popular. There’s no better way to learn French fast than in the country of origin itself!

2. It Looks Good to Future Employers/Post-Undergrad Admissions!

Having a placement abroad on your CV or resume is definitely a positive to admissions officers and future employers. Not only does it demonstrate your willingness to pursue new experiences and challenges, but it also shows that you can be adaptable. Depending on the placement, some students choose to throw themselves into completely unfamiliar cultures and lan