Sponsorship Manager

          The position consists of researching, communicating, and connecting with sponsors and funding. You will be responsible for fostering effective relationships with the PM organization’s external sponsors as well as developing strategic partnerships. It involves identifying and developing target media and contacting to raise awareness of our work. As part of the PM team, you will be responsible for applying to any upcoming award applications, funding applications, and/or any related applications that are beneficial to the PM Initiative.



  • Exemplary research skills to find, communicate and connect with sponsors 

  • Strong persuasion, negotiation, and teamwork skills for acting as the spokesperson of the PM initiative when reaching out to sponsors

  • At least some background knowledge of how to reach sponsors and awards (can be researched prior to interview)

  • Writing high-quality external communications documents, including sponsorship marketing materials as required (working closely with the finance)

  • Contribute to and support other departmental work as appropriate

  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

  • Time commitment of around 3 hours per week for the fall and winter (this will vary weekly)

Deadline: , September 22, 11:59 pm EST