Academic Assistance

Our course instructors have established a series of lectures comprised of theory and essential examples to solidify your understanding of each topic covered. We hope to assist your learning in the following courses: MCR3U, SBI3U, SCH3U, MCV4U, SBI4U, SCH4U, and SPH4U.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is designed for students to be guided throughout their high school journey and transition into university by current university mentors. These mentors are from a number of different faculties ranging from a variety of universities around Canada.

Blog Page

The page is created for students to access easy-reads on valuable material about the transition to university, links to the best resources, and the experience of being a university student. It will also touch on general tips, tricks, and specialized information regarding the various universities around Ontario.

We strive to provide free, quality education services, mentorship, and articles to aid students Ontario-wide. 

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