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How to Master Uozone

Written by Nour Abdulkhalek

Edited by Rory Sullivan

The UoZone may be foreign and confusing at first as it is unique to the University of Ottawa and is, obviously, not used in any high schools or other universities! It is one of the most, if not the most, important resource provided by the university. For that reason, this blog post will present to you clear instructions on how to select your courses and some tips on how to make your navigation around the platform easier!

First, let’s start by going through the steps needed to create your timetables/schedules by adding courses. Here are the steps to adding a course:

  1. Sign into uoZone

  2. Under the “Applications” tab, find “Enrol” and select

  3. Select the term you would like to add courses to, and press continue

  4. Press search, and type in the subject code (ex. MAT) and the course code (ex. 1318)

  5. After clicking search, all available classes will show up

  6. After finding one with your desired professor and date & time slot, click on “select”

  7. Click “next”; by now, the course is added in your shopping cart. To finalize your selection, select “Proceed to step 2 of 3”.

Just like that, you have added a course to your schedule! Repeat these steps for each course that you would like to add to your term. Now that you know how to add a course, here are some important tips & tricks that will lead to a smoother course selection and schedule-building process!

When enrolling in courses through uoZone, use the shopping cart feature! This allows you to keep your possibilities saved somewhere in case you decide that you would like to enter the class! If you chose not to, no worries! Just delete it by clicking on the small garbage icon next to that class!

Another great feature in the “Enrol” application is the calendar! Once you enrol in a course, uoZone will automatically add it in a calendar for you to get a better idea of what your days will be like depending on your schedule; this is incredible for those who prefer visuals. To access this calendar, simply click on “Weekly Calendar View” under the “Class Schedule” tab.

Always check what compulsory courses are required by your program! It is so important that you time all your courses throughout your studies to make sure that no mandatory courses are being left behind or forgotten about! An easy way to do so is by typing “(your program’s name) + uottawa + course sequence” into your internet search bar. For example, “Biomedical Science Uottawa Course Sequence”. This page will show you the number of electives as well as which compulsory courses you must take throughout the course of your program. An additional benefit that comes from this page is the suggested organization of the courses throughout the terms (which courses to take in the fall terms and winter terms). Also, be sure to use Uottawa’s course catalogue to find courses that interest you from any faculty! This can be an excellent way to fill and discover new electives.

Always swap, never drop! When trying to drop a course and add another, use the “Swap” tab instead of the “Drop” and “Add” tabs. Swapping a course for another is safer than dropping one because when you successfully swap a course, you know for sure that you have secured a spot in the new course. When dropping and adding a course, you will lose a spot after dropping and are not guaranteed to successfully enroll in another.

We hope you’ll use these uoZone enrollment hacks as well as learn some of your own!

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