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Health Science Mentoring Center

If you’re a student of the Health Science’s Faculty, there is a mentoring centre JUST FOR YOU! This includes anyone in the Health Science program, Human Kinetics, Nursing, or Nutrition.

The Health Science Mentoring Centre (HSMC) offers support for undergraduate students as

well as provides study techniques and networking potentials! What’s even better is that all their services are free of charge!

The HSMC is made up of a team of mentors who are role model students in the Health Science Faculty. The mentors facilitate study groups and are available during their office hours for support!

So what does the HSCM offer? One of their most valuable resources are the study groups. These sessions that occur on a weekly basis, provide a review of important concepts and material from your classes. Depending on the study group (and the mentor running it), sometimes they may provide study questions or practice multiple choice questions to help you prepare for your midterms and exams! During non-Covid circumstances, these study groups are held in class, but now, they are virtually held using Microsoft Teams. As the HSMC website states: “If you are enrolled for the courses below, you should already be a part of the Microsoft Teams Study Group Team. If you cannot find the Study Group on your MS Teams, you can click on the course code to request access.”

Below are all the courses with study groups offered!

As mentioned above, the mentors hold office hours! You are able to book a half an hour meeting with a mentor. It’s important to note that the mentors are not tutors, but you should still be able to ask them all sorts of questions about study techniques, exam prep, memorization tips, time management, stress management and much more! If you have a question about one of the study group courses, feel free to ask the mentors who are in charge of the session! Since the mentors are from diverse fields within the Health Science Faculty, you can book an appointment with a mentor in your program and ask or discuss program related questions! If you wish to book an appointment with a mentor, you can talk with a mentor on the Academic GPS ( or send an email to

There’s even more! The HSCM along with other mentoring centres in the university offer a variety of workshops. For example, some of the workshops that have been offered include:

  • How to Study;

  • Time Management;

  • How to Succeed in a Problems-Based Course;

  • Motivation and Procrastination;

  • And many more!

If you are interested in these workshops, visit this website:

One last tip! During an in-class year, the HSMC would give students access to past midterms from certain classes of their programs! You were able to book an appointment at the HSMC office and look at some of the past midterms or test for up to half an hour. Due to COVID, it is unsure if this resource is still available in a virtual form, but it never hurts to ask one of the mentors about it!

All in all, the HSMC is a great resource to support students but not many people use it. Don’t let that be you! Check out the HSMC using any of the following contact methods:

Facebook: Mentorat HSS Mentoring

Instagram: @hss_mentors

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