“Calc-u-lator, I’m off to my Study Room!”How to Book Study Rooms at uOttawa

Written by Amrit Brar

Do you have breaks in your class schedule? Are you looking for a quiet environment to study? Do you and a group want to study together and not worry about being shushed!?

Here is the solution for you, STUDY ROOMS!

First of all, what are the advantages of using a study room? The biggest benefit of a study room is that it provides a quiet but free space in which you and a small group can study together. Sometimes certain study areas on campus can get busy and loud depending on the time of day, so if you’re in need of a quiet space, a study room is perfect! Additionally, in certain study rooms, there are whiteboards available which can be useful. But these rooms aren’t only used for studying! Many club meetings can also be held in the larger study rooms. So, it's worth it to try one out!

Alright, next question, how can you book a study room at uOttawa?

Simply go to uOzone > Services for You > Scroll down to Library > click on “Reserve a group study room”

Or even easier, use this link! https://bibliorooms.uottawa.ca/Web/schedule.php?sd=2020-8-12

UNI TIP: Add this page to your bookmarks!

Once you get to the study rooms page, at the top all the times are listed, in half an hour periods. You can reserve up to two hours per booking. On the left, the different rooms are shown, categorized per building. UNITIP: pay attention to the building, try to book study rooms close to your classes! Once you’ve decided on a good time, simply click the white square, add your name and email, your group members' names, and set the time you would like to book for (don’t forget to do this, the default booking is only half an hour!). You will be able to see your booking on the grid (as circled in red below) as well as you’ll receive an email confirmation.

When should you book study rooms? You can book up to 2 weeks in advance, and the rooms are first come first serve basis, so plan ahead! If you know you have a midterm coming up, book a study room as soon as you can, they fill up fast (particularly the CRX study rooms).

WATCH OUT! There are some rules when booking study rooms.

  • Only 1, two-hour reservation can be made per day, 2 per week, and 5 per month.

  • Your booking will be held for 30 minutes from the start of the booking

  • Based on the room and the building, there are different requirements for the number of people per study room. This can be verified as you’re booking your room.

  • If your group would like to use markers and erasers, they are available at the Services Desk

Here’s a link to more details about the study room policies: https://bibliorooms.uottawa.ca/Web/dashboard.php

All in all, study rooms are a great resource for group study sessions, just make sure you book in advance and follow the rules!

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