Medical School Student Mentor

     Mentors are responsible for leading one-on-one scheduled meetings with students. These meetings are designed to improve academic performance by assisting with course material, helping understand key concepts, developing the necessary skills for academic performance, and providing constructive feedback. In addition, you may be answering experience-based questions regarding extracurriculars and volunteering, how to plan for the future, possible job prospects, applying for post-secondary education, etc. The goal of this program is to promote the success of our students, being transparent, and offering honest advice from first-hand experience.


  • Strong communication and motivational skills while maintaining a positive attitude

  • Being able to adapt to the different needs of each client

  • Currently in medical school or residency

  • Strong knowledge about your field of study and other academic subjects

  • Having past and current experiences involving volunteering, sports teams, extracurricular activities, etc... are a strong asset 

  • Access to a working computer or device, a working internet connection, and a private, quiet area to work in