Course Instructor

     Do you want to master your teaching and communication skills? With this position, you will be responsible for formulating a course outline for a specific high school course, creating engaging instructional videos for each concept covered in your chosen course following the Ontario curriculum, and answering questions from high school students in the forum section of our website!


     We are currently looking for instructors to make videos on grade 11 and 12 courses at the college, mixed, and university level.



  • 85+ in the high school course or 80+ in a similar university course

  • Effective communication skills to convey information clearly and in depth

  • Good organization and time management skills → Make your own schedule in order to finish your videos by deadline, make a course outline

  • Technology competent → must be familiar with presentation and video editing softwares (ex. iMovie, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc)

  • Extensive research skills → will have to find a syllabi to follow and online textbook that follows Ontario curriculum

  • Time commitment: Minimum 8 hours (at least 1-2 videos/week)

    • Each video takes ~3-5 hours to complete, might take longer in the beginning as you settle into your new role

    • Responsible for creating your own course plan and assigning yourself tasks on Clickup, as well as logging hours using time tracking feature on Clickup

    • Export video as mp4 and upload on Passionate Mind’s Youtube channel once completed

Available Courses:



     Music AMU3M

     Music AMU4M




     Introduction to Financial Accounting BAF3M

     Principles of Financial Accounting BAT4M

International Business

     Introduction to International Business BBB4M

Canadian and World Studies


     Analysing Current Economic Issues CIA4U


     Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis  CGW4U

     World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions CGU4U


     American History CHA3U

     Canada: History, Identity, and Culture CHI4U

     World History: The West and the World CHY4U


     Understanding Canadian Law CLU3M

     Canadian and International Law CLN4U

French as a Second Language

     Core French FSF3U and FSF4U

     Extended French FEF3U

     French Immersion FIF3U

     Extended French FEF4U

     French Immersion FIF4U

Health and Physical Education

     Introductory Kinesiology PSK4U


     Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U

     Geometry and Discrete Mathematics MGA4U



     Gr 11 Biology SBI3U

     Gr 11 Physics SPH3U

     Earth and Space Science SES4U


Social Sciences and Humanities

General Social Science

     Intro to Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology HSP3U

     Philosophy: Questions and Theories HZT4U

World Religions

     World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions HRT3M

Deadline: September 3rd, 11:59 pm EST