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What is Passionate Minds?

Passionate Minds is a non-profit academic initiative designed by university students that strives to provide educational resources, mentorship programs, and other tools to promote youth success. The materials provided is tailored to the needs of students following the Ontario high school curriculum, with no fee attached. 


Passionate Minds believes that an individual's financial status should not exist as a barrier to the vast number of opportunities created through the pursuit of knowledge. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • Consists of university students who have fostered a passion for the pursuit of academia, and aspire to be leaders for current high-school students 

  • The venture is composed of determined university students, who have volunteered and invested both their time and knowledge to assist high school students, making efforts for the betterment of our community 

  • The program consists of various areas of focus designed to cater to the needs of high-school students who strive for excellence

  • Ensuring that students are fully equipped and informed regarding their transition between high school and post-secondary education

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At Passionate Minds, We Value

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